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All my Applications are 100% free, (with small ads)You can make a donation, it can help me to update and maintain all my free application.So, let's make a donation now ?

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Rickskye said on 15-04-2016 :

Hi. Great app. If i make a donation, will the adverts be removed?

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https://apps.christopheloup.com has reply on 02-04-2018 :

Hi!, I've adding directly on the apps a way to remove ads.

have fun!

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https://apps.christopheloup.com said on 01-02-2016 :

Heelo Warm4ch1n3, thanks you for your donation, I will try to do my best.

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warm4ch1n3 said on 31-01-2016 :

The fingering chart is great. Nice little app. Lovely gui. Would be nice to (also) do each note at each octave, so we can compare the fingerings if we want to learn a note-at-a-time.

However, all in all, I'm happy with this app.

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